'I prefer the experimental approach rather
than the endless debate and discussions about the subject!'


The Parapsychic Acoustic Research Cooperative [PARC], in association 
with Ash International is proud to present the reissue of the first 
ever fully comprehensive investigation into the paranormal phenomenon 
of EVP, otherwise known as Electronic Voice Phenomena. Without a 
doubt EVP falls into the category of the paranormal alongside other 
unexplained mysteries such as ufology, life after death and 
poltergeist activity. But here for the first time actual EVP 
recordings have been digitally remastered and presented with a 
comprehensive look at their possible origin.

The listener is guided through a collection of strange and mysterious 
voices that have appeared without explanation onto the tapes of EVP 
researchers. Included with the cd is a 24 page booklet containing 
commissioned articles which cover the conflicting views surrounding EVP.

Actual voice samples are reproduced here for the first time on 
compact disc - Polyglot Voices - Public Service Broadcasting 
Interruptions - Singing Voices - Instant Response Voices and the 
extraordinary Alien Voices. The CD also includes a commentary by the 
artist Leif Elggren, archive material described below and recordings 
of the work of Raymond Cass, England's leading EVP researcher, and 
original member of the Fortean Group. This CD release seeks to 
present the evidence and the arguments - not to judge; are the voices 
extraterrestrial, paranormal evidence of our telepathic powers or an 
elaborate hoax perpetrated by sinister and powerful groups to mislead 
us from their true aims...

This CD was originally released in 1999, and this edition is made 
available with the kind assistance of hauntedvoices.com

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