Konstantin Raudive 1909 - 1974




Konstantin Raudive was a student in philosophy under the famous Carl Jung. After studying and teaching at various academic places around Europe he ended up teaching at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Of Latvian birth, Raudive could speak 2 languages fluently, Latvian and Russian. His other passion was writing. He was know throughout europe for his great literary and philosophical authorship. However after reading a book by Friedrich Juergenson entitled "Voices from Space" Raudive had the fortune to meet the author and spend time with him during his experiments. This fueled a passion in Raudive like he had never felt before and in 1965 set about his own work in the EVP arena.

With the help of his new friend, Raudive started experimenting, tirelessly. For 3 months he received nothing. Then one day he received his first voice. He was so elated he gave a talk to a parapsychology orientated audience in Uppsala. His talk was not taken with the enthusiasm he felt but it gave him the drive to find more concrete prrof.

Raudive's early work was with a standard crystal set but as his need to get clearer results increased he rallied the help of friends and engineers and built his own custom device which became known as the 'Raudive Diode'

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